After filing for bankruptcy, Nortel is in the midst of selling off its business units. One familiar player is bidding for it’s wireless unit. Interestingly, Rudy – a contemporary way back in my BPI life was once connected with Nortel and Cisco and now is with Avaya. I’m actually wooing him over to join our organization but he’s just a little less than a year working with Avaya and it does not look good in your CV when your bouncing around. Anyway, two other colleagues are connected with Nortel, by being the client of which, of their voice application products. But with the recent developments of the once darling of the Northen Americas, both of their organization are starting to replace their install base with Avaya. And that’s where Rudy comes in. Apart from the forecasted BPO flow in the country he’s also doing sales call to organizations wanting to replace Nortel products.

Normally troubled companies, if not shutting down, are being bought by healthier competitor. Although their technologies may not be compatible, the survivors simply takes the market share and integrate or/and retire the previous’ product line.

And so whether Avaya will buy Nortel’s voice applications or not, their clients are vulnerable into folding the leading supplier/s to avoid any technical problems along the way.

Are you using Nortel?